That’s why we donate 100% of our profits to three Australia-based charities — and why you get to choose which of the three receives a donation with your purchase.
Lara met with a succession of credible Australian charity candidates, to gain insight into each prospective organisations core values and the work that they undergo. Through that process, Share The Base is now proud to support; WWF Australia, Humpty Dumpty Foundation, and Bowel Cancer Australia. 


"We rely so much on nature's offerings to survive, so supporting an organisation that is dedicated to sustaining and protecting our shared Earth is most important, for me, for my children and for all future generations" 

As part of the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF-Australia is on a mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. For over half a century, the WWF has fought to protect endangered species, mitigate climate change, ensure sustainable food supplies, and conserve our precious forests, oceans, fresh water, and wildlife for future generations. Their dream is a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature.


Bowel Cancer Australia

"This is a cause very close to my own heart, and I know, close to so many. Share The Base supports BCA on behalf of my father, who lost his battle with Bowel Cancer in 2008, I was 21." 

Bowel Cancer Australia’s mission is a future where no Australian dies from bowel cancer and where all those diagnosed receive the expert care and support they need. BCA is the leading community-funded charity dedicated to the prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment, and the best care for everyone affected by bowel cancer. 


Humpty Dumpty Foundation

"Based in my home city of Sydney, I have been a long admirer of HDF. Now, as a mother to my own young children, I feel even more connected to the important work they do." 

The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a children’s charity that enables hospitals and health services to procure essential life-saving medical equipment for their neonatal units, maternity wards, pediatric services, and emergency departments in over 380 healthcare facilities across Australia. Their mission is to empower hospitals and nursing staff to help children through their journey of treatment and recovery.


Humpty Dumpty