Led by founder Lara Worthington, Share The Base (formerly, The Base) released its innovative skincare formula, the cosmetic-skincare hybrid LB Cream, in 2014.

Now, through a natural and considered brand evolution, Share The Base is proud to operate as a not-for-profit enterprise; donating 100% of its net proceeds to three carefully selected Australian charity partners.

Honouring her home country and causes close to her heart, Lara met with a succession of credible Australian charity candidates. Gaining insight into each prospective organisations core values, and the work that they undergo, was paramount in ensuring an informed decision making process before confidently aligning with WWF Australia, The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, and Bowel Cancer Australia as the first three project partners to launch the initiative. 

The distribution of funds is allocated through each online sale, allowing the customer to nominate at checkout where the proceeds from their purchase are directed. It is with hope, that this participatory model will also generate greater education around the important work of these organisations and their primary developmental focus. 

You can learn more about the chosen organisations under the 'Charity' tab and by following through to their respective websites. 

“I felt that The Base had reached a point that was calling for growth, a fresh, exciting, new direction and so from this month forward, the brand becomes, Share The Base; a not-for-profit enterprise where 100% of the profits go to causes we believe in. It is with hope that through this new model of thoughtfulness, we can all feel inspired to open our hearts - as there has never been a more important time to give your share.”

— Lara